Monday, October 1, 2012

Kicking off Donald Bentley

The Donald Bentley Food Pantry’s goal is to provide food for families in need. They are located in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. Donald Bentley has been helping families for over 22 years. Garrison Forest has been working with Donald Bentley for many years. We have been holding fun challenges to raise money and visiting the food pantry . This year we will be coordinating Stuff the Bus, the Change Challenge, and other new, fun challenges in the school. For the Change Challenge, students should bring in coins to earn your light and dark points. We will have buckets set up in the lobby and you will put the change into your designated box. We will count it up at the end of the year and whichever side wins will receive a prize! Stuff the Bus is a  challenge that we do to collect cans. It gets lights and darks involved and is really fun! We are going to have a booth at Fall Fest so get excited to help Donald Bentley! You will have opportunities to go to the food pantry so go if you can! Contact Olivia, Raquel, and Gillian if you have any questions!  We are so excited for this year! Are you?

Some things we are going to be doing!

  • Have a booth at Fall Fest
  • Stuff the Bus
  • Change Challenge
  • Advisory challenges
  • Light and Dark 
  • Posting pictures  and videos
  • Reminders for bringing in cans of food
  • Updates on Middle School Donald Bentley contributions
  • Fundraisers


    Here is a video to learn more about Donald Bentley!

    Last year's stats...

    Donald Bentley
    L=160, D=185. TOTAL=345
    MS Forum
    Fall Fest
    Donald Bentley
    $39.68 + $100 donations
    Donald Bentley
    Donald Bentley
    Stuff the Bus Can Drive
    L=1067, D=1067. TOTAL=2134
    MS Forum
    Donald Bentley
    Pasta, Mac-N-Cheese
    L=132, D=59. TOTAL=191
    MS Forum
    Donald Bentley
    Stuff the Lockers Can Drive
    MS Form
    Donald Bentley
    Change Challenge
    Brooke F.

    Last year was really great! Let’s see if we can top it!

    Our first drive is coming up in mid-October. We are starting stuff the bus early this year so don’t forget it’s coming up and bring in cans! Everybody get excited! We will keep posting when we have definite dates for this drive and other drives!

    Written by: Raquel H. & Olivia H.


    1. It was really exciting last year when the people who run Donald Bentley came to Garrison Forest at the end of the year. Doing the Change Challenge throughout the year was one of my favorite advisory activities over the year. Can't wait to see how much we can raise this year!
      -Mrs. Kelland

    2. I know we can beat that this year.Every year will get better and better.

    3. Raquel and Olivia,
      Great job! It seems like you knew what you were talking about. I hope more people learn a lot about Donald Bentley! Also I liked the tables! Nice Job!

    4. I loved learning about what we an do to help people out and raise money.

      -Lila Y.

    5. I think all the fundraising ideas are great and, I know that we will be able to reach our goal.

    6. I think you did a really good job! I like how you talked about helping out our school. I hope we can do even better this year than we did last year! Great Job

      -Emily F.

    7. Wow you guys really worked hard on this! I really liked all of the colors and the amount of information you said! -Mia G.