Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Kind of GFS girl are YOU?

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Created by Becca S. & Chelsea K.

Middle School Survey Results

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Created by: Nia T. & Leanne G.

Mid-Autumn Festival Review

On Saturday, September 29th, Garrison Forest School hosted a Mid-Autumn Festival in honor of the largest moon of the year and China. There were supposed to be telescopes set up to view this large moon. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy and we were unable to set up the telescopes. But, this festival did include a special lantern parade, puppet shows, musical performances, and delicious foods. The special performances were by:
  • Johns Hopkins University Dragon Dancers
  • Han Pan Korean American Drum Troupe
  • Ling Tang Dance
  • Garrison Forest Middle School Music and Shadow Puppeteers
  • Garrison Forest Middle School Chinese Class Music (Mallory Higgins playing the harp and Julia Connor playing the guitar)
  • Garrison Forest Upper School Chamber Choir Music
  • Fan and Ribbon Dance.

All of the performers did very well and we hope to have another fantastic Mid-Autumn Festival again next year!

Written by Emily F. & Lauren W.
Photos by Emily F.

Pictures of the homemade laterns at the parade
Han Pan Korean-American Drum Troop
Ling Tang Dancer