Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Middle School Social Networking Presentation

Check out this presentation on Social Networking in the Middle School which includes facts, figures, quotes, and survey results from Garrison Forest 6th-8th Graders. Initially intended to inform Garrison Forest parents about what is "out there" in social networking, the presentation has been great for the girls to see and discuss as well!

Created by: Lindsay Kelland (Digital Thinking Teacher)

7th Grade Three Word Video

7th Grade Three Word Video

As an annual digital thinking project the seventh grade has been working on their individual “Three Word Video". For this project we were instructed by Mrs. Kelland to create a video, broadcasting three words you would like to say to the world. Some of the words existed of “Make A Wish”, “Use your imagination”, and many more. All the words reflected what was important to girls personally and was especially amazing to see how they creatively displayed their words. As another aspect to the project, the seventh grade was challenged to display their words without speaking. Either written on a whiteboard or typed on a piece of paper, everyone showed their own words differently and in a inspiring way. Check out our video above!

Written By: Claire McMahon