Thursday, January 13, 2011


We are committed to helping those in our community that are in need. We are a proud supporter of the Donald Bentley Food pantry, which is a place in Baltimore City where people who can’t always afford to buy nutritious foods can go and get just that.  Every month, we are asked to bring in a certain food such as, peanut butter, tuna fish, canned soup, pasta, etc.  In addition to benefiting the pantry, each item of food collected is counted as a light or dark blue spirit point. At the end of the month a family takes the food to the pantry to be distributed.
 During the month of January, we are collecting canned soups.  Please bring or send as many cans as you can so that we can provide as much soup to people during these cold months.  Above is a video filming the pantry that Brooke F. created when she visited.  Enjoy

-- Jessica M. (7th Grader and Co-Head of the GFS Donald Bentley Food Pantry Drive)
-- Video shot and edited on iMovie by Brooke F. 

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  1. Great video, Brooke! Love the shot of Mrs. Stewart's "empty bowl". Let's keep DB going!