Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Performing for the Newly Accepted Students, 5/10/11
Isabella Z. and Kara F. at Rehearsal

 Since I have been in Middle School, the chorus has always done some amazing performances.  Whether it was rocking out to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, or singing a song from Camp Rock, the chorus always seems to impress. This year I decided to join because I wanted to be a part of the group.
Jenny Y. and Sakinah R. at Rehearsal
This year so far, we have sung songs such as ‘Round Rolling Moon’, ‘When I Close my Eyes’, and ‘Waka Waka’. We have performed in places such as Morning Meeting, the Arts Galas, the Upper School Winter Recital, and many more. Chorus has been a great learning experience for me.  It has taught me much more about singing than I had known. Although we practice for only twenty minutes a week, we are able to get a lot accomplished.
This year, Mrs. Flynn has organized for us to be in a competition at Hershey Park!  We will be performing against schools from all over Maryland this Friday, 20th. Even though I hope we win, I know that our chorus will be respectful and polite to whomever the winner may be. Still, I hope we come back with a trophy! Wish us luck!

-- Text and Photos by Sophie Polovoy (Class of 2016)


As most people in the Middle School at Garrison Forest School knows, we have clubs. One of the clubs is cheerleading! A new club made by students, two students to be exact Emma A. and Jamie G., they have worked so hard to make this club and now it is finally here. The cheerleading club includes girls from each grade:
 8th grade: Miana M, Lexi H, Ashley B, Amanda C, Ali G
7th grade: Emma A (captain), Jamie G (co-captain), Erica D, Nylah A, Ayanna D, Ashlei C, Princess G.
6th grade: Eryn F, Colby y, Augusta W, Jaida M, and Lindsey L.
Even though it is the end of the school year the cheer leading club has done so much: play days, morning meetings and the talent show! 

The talent show was probably the best in my opinion even though only Emma A, Jamie G, Erica D, Princess G, and Eryn F participated in it. We are happy with the people we had and we had 1 person who was not in the club: Bella Z. Even though she was not in the club we had room for one more. The talent show was a week away, so we made one cheer and one dance all in just five days! We met several times during lunch, study halls, help sessions, advisory or at someone’s house! The song we chose to do the dance on is “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga, and I think the dance actually goes with the song. We luckily finished the dance and cheer in time for the talent show. Even though we didn’t win the Talent Show, we won in our hearts because we had fun and making the dance and performing. I hope you will have fun and take some time to watch our dance/cheer in the video below.
Text and Photos by Erica Downing (Class of 2016); Video by Hallie Angelo (Class of 2016)