Monday, October 1, 2012

October Student Profiles

We decided to interview a student from 7th & 8th grade and ask them questions about their daily life at Garrison Forest. We did this because some people like to look through the eyes of another student so they can also get a feel for how their day is as a Garrison girl. We hope you enjoy reading what the students had to say!

7th grade: Chelsea K.
Who is your favorite teacher, why? Mr. Berdan because he is hilarious and a great teacher.
What is your most embarrassing moment that has happened in the middle school? Gillian M. and I made a robot for the musical, Honk. We tried to show the robot and how it worked. When we were presenting in Morning Meeting, our robot broke and everybody started laughing at us!                                                                                                                         Do you like Garrison Forest, why? Yes, because I like my grade. They were welcoming to me when I first started here.
What class do you most enjoy, why? Latin, because I love learning a new language, and I love the teacher Mrs. Mac. 

How many years have you been at Garrison Forest? This is my second year at GFS.

8th grade: Mia M.
Who is your favorite teacher, why? My favorite teacher is Mr. Darrell because he is funny and a great teacher, and I love his teaching style.
How many years have you been here at Garrison? 8 years
Since this is your 3rd year in the middle school, explain your favorite memory so far. Mystery Night because it is a great time to bond with my classmates. Mystery Night is one night each year where your grade goes somewhere that is a surprise. The class parents organize it and take us.
What is your favorite class this year and why? Latin, because I like to learn new languages.                                                                                                                         

What was your most enjoyable year and why? 6th grade because I was just entering Middle School, and I was very excited for the new experience. 
Do you feel you have made any new friends this year? Yes, they are really nice and I love all the new people in our grade.
Do you plan to attend Garrison Forest for Upper School? Why or why not? Yes, because I love GFS and I always will.

Interviewed by Lila Y. & Bridget G.


  1. Lila and Bridget,
    Great job on the interviews. I was cool that you interview students because readers that are our age can relate to their answers. Maybe next time interview more people to hear even more opinions! Nice job!
    -Amanda F.

  2. I really enjoyed hearing about the memories from past years. You did a really good job with your interview. I would love to see more questions for the next student profile and also include 6th grade!
    -Mrs. Kelland

  3. Lila and Bridget,

    I really enjoyed learning about Chelsea and Mia. You did a great job!

  4. Bridget and Lila,

    I thought it was very original how you chose students our age and found more interesting qualities about them. I was wondering; how did you chose the students? Also - why didn't you interview a sixth grader? Your idea was very interesting and I enjoyed finding out more about a few students.


  5. I really liked how you decided to survey people about school. I think it is fun hearing about what people think about our school, especially kids from our middle school. Good Job!

    -Emily F.

    1. I agree that it was interesting to hear about other people in the middle school's opinion about school. It was fun to see who their favorite teacher is.

  6. I learned a lot about the two students interviewed! Awesome job. -Mia G.

  7. You guys did a really good job! This post helped me get to know them better!

  8. I really like this blog because it helped me to learn more about the people who were interviewed. I really liked the questions and the answers to them. I really liked how you did middle schoolers because it helped me to be more interested in the blog post! Great job!

  9. Bridget and Lila,

    Great job on the student profiles! I really learned a lot more about a couple of students here. I really liked how you included a picture to go with the text. I also liked the questions you asked in the survey! Great job again!