Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ending a Long Week with CLUBS!!!

We have clubs every other week on Friday for 40 minutes. Some of the clubs we've had are Yoga Club, Cooking Club, Knitting Club, Strategic Games Club, Green Club, WGFS, Art Club, Dance Club, and so much more! All the clubs are run by the faculty of the Middle School. What's been YOUR FAVORITE CLUB?
In clubs, we're doing a lot of fun things. In Yoga Club with Ms. Chavez, you learn how to do yoga positions that are sometimes difficult yet they stretch out your muscles. In Cooking Club with Mr. Beretta and Mrs. Leary, you make a variety of different foods like homemade ice cream, pizza, and more! In Dance Club with Mrs. Blackston, you learn different dance moves and make a dance with your whole club. In WGFS with Mr. McManus, which is a new club this year, students are creating their own radio station that includes interviews and podcasts. In Knitting Club with Mrs. Gunning, you knit anything you want and learn new tips on how to knit. 

Clubs are really important for us to have because after a week of classes, it's a way for us to do something that we've never done before or just do fun activities. Also, clubs give us a chance to spend time with students in other grades. What do you think? After the 1st semester, we are switching clubs so that everybody gets a chance to do something different.  Currently, Cammie is in Yoga Club and Evie is in Jumping for Jacks. For the next Clubs session, Cammie wants to try Strategic Games and Evie wants to try Knitting Club. What club are you going to try to get into next semester?!
-- Text and Photos by Cammie G. and Evie G.

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