Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MINIMESTER - The Best Part of JANUARY!!!

Every year at Garrison Forest we have a week called Minimester. During Minimester we choose two non-academic classes from a catalog. Some of the choices we have are Paws and Claws, Collections and Collectors, Finding and Nurturing your Inner Self, So You Think You Can Dance: Click HERE for more information about the courses offered. Normally, we have Minimester in January after our first semester. Minimester gives us a chance to learn new and exciting things that we wouldn’t learn during the regular academic school day. 
Collections and Collectors
 The classes I chose to take during Minimester were Finding and Nurturing your Inner Self with Mrs. Rao and Mrs. Chrobocinski and Collections and Collectors with Mr. Beretta. Both of the classes I took were very fun. Finding and Nurturing your Inner Self was very relaxing. We learned relaxtion techniques and we also learned a lot of other cool things such what your dreams mean. We also watched movies and made pictures frames using images and words from magazines that described us. 

Collections and Collectors was about people who have there own art collections. It was also a lot about art. Everyday we took a field trip to people's houses that had their very own collection. The things that they collected were very cool. My favorite trip that we took was to a lady’s house who had a daughter that went to Garrison. She collected famous artwork and the artwork was amazing. I learned about  a lot of artists while taking that course. 
If I had to choose my favorite class that I took during minimester I couldn’t because they were both very fun!
-- text by Ashlei C.


  1. I loved Collections and Collectors! It was so much fun. All of the houses and collections were amazing. I will definitely sign up for it next year!
    ~Alex T.
    7th Grade

  2. I was in Are You Ready To Be Discovered and Songwriting. WOW. Directing and then writing a song was so much work in a day, but it was so much fun. But when I saw the video and when I hear the song I'm like: "HAHA LOOK GUYS I DID THIS WHAT NOW."

    ~Chae H
    GRADE 8.

  3. Your minimester classes sounded fun and interesting. i will remember you point of view for these classes for the next minimester.

  4. Your minimester activites sounded very fun. SOme of my friends did Collections and Collectors, and they also thought it was fun!

  5. My mininmester was the best.I did Sing Like a Pop star with Mrs.Flynn. I had so much fun. I was like an actual Pop Star. You Should try it.

  6. Collections and Collectors was so fun! I looked forward to it every day as well as Top Chef Maryland. Too bad I missed 2 days of Minimester. I plan on signing up next year!
    ~Brianna T