Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween at Garrison Forest

What were you for Halloween? Once a year, Halloween comes to Garrison Forest and we love it! Garrison Forest allows everyone be out of uniform, in their costumes whether it’s your favorite character from a movie or you're just chillin’ in your pajamas. Halloween is always fun for everyone and GFS makes it special for the students. When you come to school on Halloween day you are greeted by a teacher in their spooky costume. Then we all come together for a Halloween themed morning meeting with fun games and lots of yummy treats. After morning meeting the whole middle school heads outside even in the cold weather for the yearly Halloween Contest! All students walk around when other students judge upon their costume. When the judging is over one middle school student from various categories wins.

The Winners:
Best Homemade and Most Creative Costume - Emmie B., 7th Grade - Cop/Crime Scene
Scariest Costume - Sam R., 6th Grade - Spooky Grandpa
Best Pair - Ali S. and Ashley K., 7th Grade - Mario and Luigi
Cutest Costume - Blair P., 6th grade - Baby.
Best Group - 6th Grade Barbies
Judging the contest was Ati - 7th grade, Emerson D. - 6th Grade, Alexis A. - 7th Grade and Johanne - 6th Grade.

Then we resume to our daily schedule with the exception of that morning. Overall we love the tradition of  Halloween day at the Middle School. It’s so much fun to see everyone’s costume and what they decided to be this year. Happy Halloween!

Written by: Molly C. & Ashley K.


  1. I love the costumes! Very cute. I think this was a good activity for the middle school to do. Very fun and what a good way to get in the Halloween mood.

  2. I love the choices for the winners. This was a really well written e-mail

  3. The costumes were great! I loved seeing everybody dress up as different characters! A fun time!

  4. they were all so good! it was an awsome day!

  5. I love the Paragraph! I think it was very well written. I like all the pictures.