Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Architecture Expo

Architecture Expo has become a tradition for the 7th grade at Garrison Forest Middle School.  Architecture Expo is when the whole seventh grade goes to downtown Baltimore and study Roman architecture.  We started off by playing some team building games to get to know our group more.  Then, when we went to downtown we studied our how our assigned building were built and their columns.  For example, Doric and Corinthian columns are a couple columns that we learned about. After the field trip we did a project in our Latin classes.  In the years before the seventh grade hand-drew the building, but this year to enhance more technology, we started to use Google SketchUp.  Google SketchUp is an application where you can construct 3D buildings, houses, etc.  Mrs. Kelland taught us how to use Google SketchUp.  

This is a perspective of a 7th grade student who went on the field trip named Emma S.:  

1) How did you like the trip? I enjoyed all of the different types of architecture, however I felt it was very tiring walking around.  

2) What did you learn?  I learned all the different names of the columns.

3) What was the most interesting thing that you learned on this trip?  There were a lot of Latin words on the buildings that we looked at.  

4) What was the best part of the trip? Being able to talk about all of the architecture with my peers.

5) Are you excited to start using Google Sketch Up and why?  Yes, because I like how our school is trying new ways to enhance technology further and it is cool to work with something that people use in the real world.

Written by: Heloise G. & Milan S.

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  1. I have always wanted to know what Architecture Expo was because of all the announcements in mourning meeting. Would you like to do it again next year because you had so much? I enjoyed reading about Architecture Expo! I learned a lot.