Thursday, May 17, 2012

7th Grade Field Trip to Baltimore Museum of Industry

     On May 11, the 7th grade students had a field trip to The Museum of Industry, following up to that they had also gone to Fells Point. The 7th graders had visited there to learn about many interesting historian facts.
    The Museum of Industry has many fun and educational things to do. Some of the things they taught the students were how the workers were treated, how they would get hired, how they had to work, and what type of jobs they would have to do.
    At Fells Point, MD the 7th graders were in their advisory groups and walked around observing the old buildings. They were taught many facts like about the brick patterns, the type of building, and how people lived in that certain type of building. After a long day they were also treated with yummy treats like ice-cream and a snowball.
Jaelyn a 7th grade student said, “I liked that we had ice-cream after a long tiring day, after learning several things” After all, they did work very hard.
   When the students had visited the museum, they’d split into two groups. One of the two things they’d learned about was the garmenting industry. They learned who worked at the factories, how the people would work, the types of different jobs everyone had.
     Later on all of the 7th graders split up and did a scavenger hunt. During that you had to find several facts about many historian things. There were several topics that the students had to read and find out about.
   Jada, another 7th grade student said, “My favorite part was when I got to experience being a cutter for the garment industry. I’d learned a lot of things during then, it was a fun activity!”
   This field trip was a great experience for all the students. It was a relaxing, fun, and interesting place where you could learn many things about a lot of historical items or people. All the 7th graders had really enjoyed their trip to the Museum of Industry and Fells Point, MD.

Written by: Anjali S. 

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