Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Performing for the Newly Accepted Students, 5/10/11
Isabella Z. and Kara F. at Rehearsal

 Since I have been in Middle School, the chorus has always done some amazing performances.  Whether it was rocking out to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, or singing a song from Camp Rock, the chorus always seems to impress. This year I decided to join because I wanted to be a part of the group.
Jenny Y. and Sakinah R. at Rehearsal
This year so far, we have sung songs such as ‘Round Rolling Moon’, ‘When I Close my Eyes’, and ‘Waka Waka’. We have performed in places such as Morning Meeting, the Arts Galas, the Upper School Winter Recital, and many more. Chorus has been a great learning experience for me.  It has taught me much more about singing than I had known. Although we practice for only twenty minutes a week, we are able to get a lot accomplished.
This year, Mrs. Flynn has organized for us to be in a competition at Hershey Park!  We will be performing against schools from all over Maryland this Friday, 20th. Even though I hope we win, I know that our chorus will be respectful and polite to whomever the winner may be. Still, I hope we come back with a trophy! Wish us luck!

-- Text and Photos by Sophie Polovoy (Class of 2016)


  1. Good Luck Chorus! You guys have worked really hard for Friday. I know you guys will do great, along with having fun at the park!

  2. GO CHORUS!!! I am sooooo excited for Hershey Park, but nervous at the same time, I hope we do great! Good Blog Sophie!

  3. I hope you guys do great at the competition!! I know you will try your best ,and that your singing will be great!

    We are gonna be AWESHUMMM <3