Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Arts Gala Videos

We hope everyone enjoyed the Spring Arts Gala last night! Here are the videos screened during the Digital Thinking and Art section:

Seventh Grade students in Digital Thinking II learned Photoshop CS5 during Quarter 3. Each team had to choose a theme, research photographs from the 1980s and earlier, and then create a project that fluidly combined all of the photos. Most of the images you will now see are made up of between 6 and 25 images.

Inspired by the Walter Wick exhibit at the Walter Museum in Baltimore, MD, the Sixth Graders created Stop Action videos. The sets were created in Art class. In Digital Thinking I, the girls wrote the screenplays, photographed, composed music, and edited it all together in Final Cut Express. The videos contained over 300 images and more than 40 audio clips.

"The Tale of the Two Twincesses" -- Long, long ago in a land of Kings and Queens, two princesses were born. As Castle rule stated, there could only be one princess, so one child was taken away. Will the princess ever be reunited? (by Ali B., Maggie B., and Kayla B., class of 2017)

"It's Not All About the Looks" -- A group of friends receive a visit from a strange stranger who attempts to teach them an important lesson. (by Channing C. and Colby Y., Class of 2017)


  1. The Arts Gala was great! I loved the videos too!

  2. i loved the stop action film " it's not all about the looks" it is so funny and a very creative film