Thursday, March 24, 2011

So You Think You Can Lead?

Joining Forum or having a role in leadership can help you throughout your educational career and even afterwards. There are multiple leadership roles such as Class President and Vice President, Honor Board, President and Vice President of the Middle School, Forum Reps, Light/Dark Spirit or Cheerleaders and Communications Director. Depending on what grade you are in determines what leadership roles you can hold.

In 6th grade you can run for everything listed except for President or Vice President of the Middle School and Communications Director of the Middle School. Similar to 6th grade, in 7th grade you can run for all of the roles except for President or Vice President of the Middle School again but this year Communications Director of the Middle School is open to only 7th graders. In 8th grade you can run for anything except for Communications Director of the Middle School but don’t worry! There are Communications Directors for the individual grades also. There are many roles to run for depending on how you want to lead your class or the Middle School.

This year the current Middle School President, Vice President, Honor Board Rep, and Communications Director are (in that order) Isabelle T., Allie D. , Kiki D. and Brooke F. I currently hold the Vice President of the 7th grade class with the 7th grade class President, Julianna M. When you are in Forum a basic routine is going to Forum once every two weeks for a brief meeting on new ideas and ways to improve our school. The weeks we don’t have Forum, we have class meetings to explain to the class about what is happening that week. It is similar to Morning Meeting, but the class is asked questions and sometimes we vote on how we should do certain things. One of the most favorable things about being in a leadership role is that you have a bigger say in what happens in the Middle School. 
Depending on what role you want to pursue, you can help the middle change in so many ways! You can help the environment, animals, shelters, and even the Middle School itself! I hope you are inspired to fill a leadership role next year. It is always a new and fun experience!
 -- Text and Photos by Sarah R. (Class of 2016)


  1. I love being a leader in the Middle School! There are so many opportunities for you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

  2. I completely agree with Kara. Being in forum is something that everyone should be able to try! It is so much fun! I definitely suggest to rub for something!

  3. I think being a part of student government is definitely a unique experience. It allows you to be a role model and voice your opinion in the Middle School.

  4. I would love to be communications director in 7th grade

    -Ryley Y.

  5. @ Kara and Alex - Its always a fun and unique experience being in a leadership role. @Jackie and Ryley I definitely encourage you to think about fulfilling a leadership position next year!

  6. When I was on forum last year, I had such a great time! I was able to tell my ideas to the board and always give my suggestions. I am sad that I am not on it this year, but I hope to be on it next year!