Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shop for Our Sisters in Afghanistan Fundraiser!

On Saturday, November 20th, the Seventh Grade held a fundraiser for the students at Mandawera, our Sister School in Afghanistan.  The Shopping Event was held in historic waterfront Fells Point at the Ten Thousand Villages store and The Daily Grind.  Each business donated a portion of their profits to the cause. 

The day was a big success, raising over $1200 to be donated to Women for Afghan Women.  Many Seventh Graders volunteered to raise awareness about the fundraiser on the streets of Fells Point.  They hung posters in stores, distributed flyers on the streets, and even serendaded potential shoppers!

A group of students borrowed some of the instruments from Ten Thousand Villages and went down to the Fells Point Square.  There, competing with a bag-pipe player, the students sang a songs informing people about womens' lives in Afghanistan and how we need to support them.  All of the instruments they played were completely hand made by women in other countries.  The guitar-like instruments are made out of wood, strings and even an old tomato can!

The whole event was loads of fun!  Thanks to each and every person who helped make this event a success!
- Rachel G. (photo credit:  Julianna M. and Mrs. Mallonee)

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  1. Thank you for everyone who came to support. We raised a lot of money and we were able to have the store busy all day! Thank you to Ten Thousand Villages for funding this event.